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The University of Chicago
Office of the Comptroller
Financial Information Services

TO: University Administrators
FROM: John Kroll, Associate Comptroller
SUBJECT: Change in Non-Mandatory Coding - Effective July 1, 2004 for FY 2005 Transactions
DATE: June 28, 2004

Non Mandatory Transfers (NMT) record the movement of funding from one FAS account to another. In an attempt to provide easier and more useful Non-Mandatory transfer codes, the Comptroller's Office is changing the current method of coding Non-Mandatory Transfers (NMT). Currently, there is a mixture of complicated NMT codes that track both the ledger and purpose. To make the NMT's easier to understand, we are eliminating the ledger component and going strictly with the purpose.

The biggest change for units is new NMT codes for salary and benefit support transfers. These are not meant to replace the Payroll Transfers between accounts, instead they are designed to help units identify transfers in their accounts that are for salary/benefit support to other units. There are three salary transfers, one for Faculty, one for Academic Non Faculty (ANF) and one for Staff. There is one transfer for benefits. These salary transfers will roll up to the appropriate line of the OBS Matrix.

Following is a list of the NMT funding transfer codes. Any NMT funding transfer that does not fall within the following categories should use the "all other" category.

Purpose L-1 L 2-9M G/L Account Controls
      Debit Credit
Salary Support Faculty 0581 9411 5111 4111
Salary Support ANF 0582 9412 5112 4112
Salary Support Staff 0583 9413 5113 4113
Benefit Support 0584 9414 5114 4114
Operating/Program Support Within Division (Non Plant) 0585 9415 5115 4115
Program Support Other Division (Non Plant) 0587 9417 5117 4117
BSD Transfers (In Progress)   9421/9 5121/9 4121/9
Plant Fund account Div/Dept Support of Equipment, Construction/Renovation Projects 0588 9470 5170 4170
All Other 0599 9499 5199 4199
Comptroller's Office Use Only
Plant Fund Transfer for an Internal Loan Principal Payment   9472 5172 4172
Plant Fund Transfer for Centrally Funded Projects   9475 5175 4175
To/From Permanently Restricted 0595 9484 5184 4184
To/From Temporarily Restricted 0597 9485 5185 4185
TRIP Formula Adjustment 0590   5190 4190
BTU Formula Adjustment     5191 4191
Management Fee Other 0593   5196 4196
Management Fee TRIP 0594   5195 4195

Questions regarding the NMT codes should be directed to Gayle Orlando at 2-3509.

When coding a transaction, you would select the purpose of the transfer and then select the appropriate sub account/account control for use with the account you are using. The same purpose would be used for both sides of the entry.

Example A: Division A is transferring program support from a ledger 1 account to Division B's ledger 4 account in the amount of $50,000.

Dr. 1-XXXXX-0587 $50,000
Cr. 4-XXXXX-9417 $50,000

Example B: Division C is transferring funding from their ledger 2 account to a plant fund general ledger account in the amount of $100,000.

Dr. 2-XXXXX-9470 $100,000
Cr. 0-8XXXX-4170 $100,000

Example C: Division D is transferring Faculty Salary support from their ledger 6 account to Division E's ledger 2 account in the amount of $20,000.

Dr. 6-XXXXX-9411 $20,000
Cr. 2-XXXXX-9411 $20,000

This new method of coding will be Effective July 1, 2004, for FY 2005 activity and forward.

Important Note: This will affect any reports that you are currently generating using Business Objects or Focus.